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Writestyler is an educational and interactive writing resource made for teachers and students. Writestyler is based on the '3 Fundamental Elements of Writing' pedagogy, an evidence-based approach to teaching the subject of writing that has been proven to improve writing outcomes for students. The 3 Fundamentals of Writing Pedagogy is centred around the 3 core elements of creating writing: 1) 'Writing Styles and Techniques' 2) Writing 'Vocabulary and Grammar' and 3) The 'Processes and Skills' of writing. Writestyler users learn how to create great writing in all writing genres and for all audiences. We use beautifully animated instructional videos, guided writing planners, interactive quizzes, engaging video games and so much more to help students (and their teachers) master the art of writing. Learn, create and play with Writestyler, it’s writing made fun.

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